New Tracker Layout

Great news for call admins and review chairs: The Tracker has a new look! ๐ŸŽ‰

Here’s a sample of how the new Overview page looks:


The new design is meant primarily to make the Tracker more mobile friendly and to make navigating a bit more user friendly. If the new design goes over well, the plan is to apply it gradually to the other call-admin areas (Settings and Tools). A few highlights:

  • The new design is more “responsive”, meaning it works well on virtually any screen, from smartphones all the way up to giant desktop monitors.
  • The navigation, which was previously across the top of the page, is now on the left-hand side of the pageโ€”at least on larger screens. On smaller screens it collapses down to a “hamburger menu”.
  • Page headers now include the call’s logo for better branding. (Especially useful for review chairs.)
  • The page tips have been rewritten to be clearer based on the user role (as a review chair or admin).

screenshotYou’ll also notice that the Tracker tab in the old-style call navigation has been separated from the rest of the navigation visually. (See screenshot to the right.) This is in preparation for migrating other sections of the call-management area over to the new layout.

I know change can often be unsettling, at least initially, but I really think the new layout will make the Tracker easier to use for everyone. If you’ve got any feedback I’d love to hear it!

Published by Dan

Dan is the founder and CEO of ProposalSpace. The buck stops with him.