Pricing Changes

Remember 2010? It was a time before Instagram, the iPad, and the Tesla Model S. The Space Shuttle was still flying.

It was also the last time ProposalSpace increased prices.

The site has continued to grow, however, adding a slew of valuable new features that come standard with every call activation:

  • Test Mode
  • submission-form word/character limits
  • labels
  • proposal histories
  • reviewer conflicts of interest
  • activity summaries for call admins
  • autosave for authors
  • locked questions for returned submissions
  • multiple file uploads per question
  • message delivery receipts
  • submission-deadline countdown
  • security upgrades

In order to better reflect the site’s value—and to ensure resources are available for continued improvements—I’m announcing the following changes to pricing effective 1 Jan 2021:

  • Activation Fee: $250
  • Submission Fee: $8.50
  • Publishing Module: $75
  • Custom submission receipt: $75
  • Maximum file-upload size: $50 for 100 MB and $75 for 250 MB

Pricing for all other features and modules (e.g. custom review form, Advanced Scheduling Module) will remain unchanged. In addition, none of the site’s core features will change, including:

  • Unlimited support
  • Free accounts
  • Free use for authors and reviewers
  • No obligation to start and test calls
  • Unlimited call admins, review chairs, and reviewers

? Pro Tip: The Activation Fee and Submission Fee are locked in when a call is created, not when it’s activated, so if you create or copy a call before the price changes go into effect you can take advantage of the old pricing regardless of when you plan on actually activating the call.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below or by contacting me directly.

Published by Dan

Dan is the founder and CEO of ProposalSpace. The buck stops with him.